NGV Global experts assume that at the end of 2021 30 million cars will be using natural gas in all the countries of the world.

Among the world leaders using compressed natural gas (CNG) are China, Iran, Pakistan, Argentina.

We will describe Chinas positive experience, and in the future we will continue our section using the practice of other countries.

The Program to support the NGV market by the Chinese state has already been going on for 30 years. The main factor in the transfer of some of the vehicles was the need to reduce the environmental burden. Transforming public transport and taxi fleets, as well as trucks, into alternative fuels is the most efficient way to improve air condition, as well as the environment in general.

Among the main incentive measures, Ernst & Young experts note:

  • granting subsidies to car owners for the conversion of petrol vehicles into methane as fuel
  • Free travel on several toll roads for Vehicles working on CNG
  • Prohibition of driving according to seasons, on odd days, during the week or on weekends, or even during the day
  • vehicles travelling with natural gas are not a subject to a ban on entry into protected natural zones

By 2020, the number of vehicles in China with natural gas was supposed to be 10.5 million units (about 6.1 million in 2018), the number of gas stations – 12.5 thousand (8.4 thousand in 2018).

For a further increase in the number of methane-propelled vehicles in the PRC, one of the key issues is the issue of domestic tariffs on gas and traditional fuel. The governments plans remain focused on further development of the sector.