Electric power supply

LLC "Transautogaz" supplies electricity to non-domestic consumers of the Republic of Moldova on the basis of a license for the supply of electricity at unregulated prices No. AC 001464 dated 07.07.2020

Legal relations between the supplier, the operator of the distribution system and the non-domestic consumer are regulated by the Law on Electricity No. 107 of 27.05.2016, the Regulation on the supply of electricity approved by the ANRE Decision No. 169/2019 of 31.05.2019. and other regulations.

Legislative base:
Legea cu privire la energia electrică
Legea cu privire la energetică
Regulament privind furnizarea energiei electrice
Regulament privind procedura de schimbare a furnizorului de energie electrică
Cerere de încheiere a contractului
Informația și lista actelor pentru încheierea contractului
Contractul de furnizare a energiei electrice
Cerere de procedura de schimbare a furnizorului de energie electrică


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