The Egyptian Government has developed a plan to expand the use of natural gas as fuel for motor vehicles and to help drivers reuse their vehicles on a dual fuel system, one that can operate on both natural gas and gasoline. According to the source “NGV Journal”, today in Egypt, the number of vehicles operating on natural gas is about 360 thousand, and the number of CNG filling stations is 306 units, there are more than 75 specialized vehicle re-use stations in the country. GNC’s monthly sales volume reaches over 47 million cubic metres.

Egypt also plans to replace 1.3 million old private vehicles and 50,000 taxis produced 20 years ago and turn hundreds of thousands of other vehicles into natural gas models. The plan aims to reduce fuel imports, reduce pollution caused by harmful emissions, and ensure the safety of drivers and passengers.

As part of the government’s ambitious plan, the following support measures have been taken:

  • “Gastec” and “Car Gas” offer favourable conditions for drivers, such as preferential loans with light interest and a simplified contracting system for car owners who want to retool their vehicles
  • Egypt will issue licenses for new cars only if they can operate on a dual fuel system, this is a measure that aims to preserve the environment and use the country’s rich natural gas reserves.
  • connecting natural gas networks to petrol and diesel stations to maximise car owners access to CNG
  • The Egyptian Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources has launched the first mobile power station in Egypt and throughout the whole Middle East region to transport CNG throughout the country, especially in remote locations where there are no natural gas networks.