In 2019 the number of natural gas-based vehicles in Bolivia increased by 25%.

There are over 250 licensed and certified gas car re-use centres across the country. In 2005 the number of cars on methane was 40 thousand, compared to 2019, when this number reached 390,000 vehicles. Monthly sales of CNG reach about 20 million cubic meters. Compressed natural gas is largely consumed in bigger cities such as : Santa Cruz, Cochabamba and La Paz.

Thanks to the methane conversion, Bolivia has saved US $2.1 billion on gasoline imports. The development of methane transport has become an integral part of the plan to combat poverty and increase the level of self-mobilization. Since 2010, the programme for the conversion of traditional natural gas vehicles has been carried out under the leadership of the Executive Agency for Conversion to CNG (EEC-GNV). One of its elements was the free re-use of cars. At the same time, the continuing significant reduction in petrol prices allows car owners to cut fuel costs in half, which drives an increase in methane consumption..